Monday, May 22, 2023

Besteiros - Portugal

One of the good things of postcrossing and collecting postcards is discoving new places and monuments that have never been heard of. This is the case of this chapel in Besteiros, a town in the Portuguese district of Portalegre, where Tiago spent his last birthday.
Photo by Lena Trindade
Erected in an ancient place of worship, in the fields and forests surrounding the villages of Alegrete and Besteiros and built into a rock, the chapel of Our Lady of Lapa is the pinnacle of stories, pilgrimages and devotions with 5 thousand years of sacredness. Although built between the 16th and 17th centuries, recent discoveries have shed light on vestiges of a rich and colorful prehistoric past. Indeed, under the altar of the chapel, a secret passage was found that connected to a cave which, under layers of time and whitewash, revealed schematic cave paintings in reddish tones, dating from between the Neolithic and the Chalcolithic.

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