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Brücke der Solidarität, the Bridge of Solidarity, is a bridge across the Rhine between the boroughs of Rheinhausen and Hochfeld in the city of Duisburg. It's construction started in 1945 and was opened to traffic on 3 July 1950.

DE-13298022, sent by Dagmar.
In 1987, Rheinhausen was present in the media due to the protests against the closing of the local steelworks. On 10 December 1987 the bridge was occupied by Krupp workers to protest against the closure of their plant. During the whole winter of 1987 and 1988 large demonstrations against the closing of the remaining smeltery followed. Rheinhausen became a synonym for steel crisis. 
The Rheinhausen-Hochfeld bridge was renamed to Brücke der Solidarität by the protesting workers on 20 January 1988. On this day, 50,000 steel workers from more than 60 melteries marched to the bridge. The apprentices of the Krupp training workshop manufactured the new name plate overnight. Soon thereafter, the name was officially adapted by the city of Duisburg. - in: wikipedia

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