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Alvar Aalto was also a well known architect. None of his works is classified as UNESCO WHS yet but it may happen it the future as some of them are on the Tentative list. The Seinäjoki Civic Center, which includes the Church of the Cross on the Plains, is one of those works.
FI-4596263, sent by Liisa.
Lakeuden Risti – the main church of the Seinäjoki parish was designed by architect Alvar Aalto and consecrated in 1960. Alvar Aalto and his assistants entered the design competition with their submission titled Lakeuksien Risti (“Cross of the plains”) which emerged a clear winner. The proposed name of the cathedral-shaped church was later amended to Lakeuden Risti.
The main characteristics of the church complex are as follows: on the north side stands the campanile, 65 metres high, in the shape of a stylized cross. Monumentally vertical, visible from afar in the endless plains, it is the town´s symbol. The slightly wedge-shaped, symmetrical church interior is 47 metres long and provides seating for a congregation of 1200. The vestry lies behind the altar, and between it and the campanile is a tiny baptistery and wedding chapel with a stained-glass work by Aalto. Aalto also designed the church textiles and communion vessels. - in:

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