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Pena National Palace - Portugal

We've many beautiful palaces in Portugal but the Pena Palace in Sintra is probably the most beautiful and famous of them all. We like it so much that on 7 July 2007, it was selected as one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal.
Did you know that the first picture made in Portugal was a picture of the Pena Palace?! It was taken by a gentleman named Wenceslau Cifka. By the way, the pictures on these cards are great and the cards were sent by Nídia, Vitória, Joana, Ninocas and another Joana. 
Fotos: Izhar Perlman, Manuel Pinturache, Nuno Perestelo * Edições 19 de Abril
Pena National Palace, in the historical town of Sintra and part of the Pena park, represents one of the best expressions in the world of 19th-century architectural Romanticism.

© Sergiy Scheblykin 2016
It was the first Romantic palace in Europe, having been built about 30 years before the charismatic Schloss Neuschwanstein, in Bavaria.

The palace and park were designed and constructed as a single entity. From the palace, visitors look out on a mantle of greenery that covers over 200 hectares – Pena Park. - in: http://www.sintraromantica.net/en/monuments/national-palace-of-pena
The forested park lands that surround the palace continue the Romanticism design ideals of the palace, with hidden pathways, ornate features and stunning view points.

Rufino & Rufino Lda
The palace is a hedonistic mix of vividly painted terraces, decorative battlements and mythological statues, all of which stand at stark contrast to the lush greens of the forests that encircle Pena.
The interior of the palace is equally as fascinating, being restored to reflect the decor of 1910, when the Portuguese nobility fled to Brazil to escape the revolution. 

Vistal Gráfica, Lda * Photo: Boris Stroujko - folotia.com
The Palácio da Pena is a wonderful flamboyant complex that is a highlight of any visit to Sintra but this popularity does mean that it can get very crowded, especially during the summer months. - in: http://www.sintra-portugal.com/Attractions/palacio-pena-palace-sintra.html

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