Sunday, October 3, 2021


A visit to the Forbidden City, also known as Palace Museum, is a must do when traveling to Beijing. After visiting the City is also possible to enjoy some nice views from the outside. The moat and turrets offer great photo opportunities. 

CN-3218462, sent by Qiq.
There are four beautiful turrets on the four corners of Forbidden City.  Each turret tower has  nine girders, eighteen columns and 72 ridges. The two turrets on the northeast and northwest  corners are the best photo spots.
The turrets are in full view, with a prominent setting above the moat and the forbidden City walls running either side.  The northwest turret is a perfect spot for taking best photos of the turret in sunrise glow and night view as well; the northeast turret offers good daytime and night views, and the sunset view as well.
The turrets are inaccessible to visitors. 

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