Sunday, October 17, 2021

World Postcard Day

October has been a month rich in Postcrossing meetings. Now that the virus is giving some truce (at least we want to believe that), postcrossers got together in many places around the world to celebrate  postcards. The big event of the month was the World Postcard Day, which is celebrated on the 1st. Even for those who didn't have the chance to attend a meeting, this day was a great excuse to write and send cards.
Two of these cards are from the Poscard Day meeting in Lisbon, in Oct. 2nd. The 3rd card is from Brazil.

This is the Word Postcard Day 2021 official postcard, which was designed by Shao-hua Wu, winner of the Postcard Day contest. 
Tiago sent me this postcard and the stamp was cancelled with the World Postcard Day special postmark. A few days later I received another WPD postcard, sent from Canada by Marie.

Foto & Design: BelaVista
Just like Tiago, Vitória also participated in the Lisbon meeting. She sent me this super cute and perfect postcard for my elderlies collection. The card is great and she made it even greater by using a Serra da Estrela sent, also cancelled with the WPD postmark.

Design by Luzia Celeste
Besides writing and sending cards, Luzia also like to design cards and she has been doing that brilliantly. This is her 2nd card dedicated to Brazilian Food. If you want to cook and taste cocada, a traditional sweet dessert make with coconut, the card shows how to do it.

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