Thursday, May 19, 2022

Monthly Fav. Surprise RR * March 22

I usually join this RR with 4 cards, which means I'll send and receive 4 cards. However in March, the host gave me 5 addresses and that wasn't an issue at all. I've got these great cards from Taiwan, Belgium, Germany, Finland and Japan.

Bubble tea, blue and white slippers, Dajia Mazu pilgrimage, night markets, Taipei 101, Yehliu geopark, are all famous things and places in Taiwan. By the way, did you know that bubble tea was invented in Taiwan? 
New card in the HP from collection. Thank you Angel.
I was already happy with the new HP from Taiwan card but Lara made be happier with this Belgium card. 
Small but a very interresting country. My trip to Belgium in 2011 was one of my best trips ever. 

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Sabine sent me this beautiful lighthouse card, from my favs, and used a matching stamp.
Schleimünde Lighthouse, in state of Schleswig-Holstein, at Western coast of the Baltic Sea, was built in 1871. 

 Photo: Taneli Eskola 2019
In Liesjärvi National Park you've a chance to try your hand at traditional farm work at the Korteniemi Heritage Farm. You can also meet livestock and experience how people lived 100 years ago. The farm is a real park ranger’s estate from the 1910s, and several indigenous species of livestock, including cows, sheep, chickens and a rooster, are still kept there in the summer. Old Finnish crops are grown in the fields and vegetable gardens using traditional methods. Rye is still cut with scythes, dried in stooks and threshed with flails. - in: 
Card sent by Flora and also signed by 5 other postcrossers who attended a meeting in Mikkeli. 

Sakurajima (桜島) is one of Japan's most active volcanoes and the symbol of Kagoshima. The volcano smokes constantly, and minor eruptions often take place multiple times per day. Located in the middle of Kagoshima Bay, Sakurajima is the area's most prominent geographic feature, having an elevation of 1117 meters and a circumference of about 50 kilometers. 
Before a powerful eruption in 1914, Sakurajima used to be an island in the bay, but the massive lava flow from that eruption created the volcano's current land connection to the Osumi Peninsula in the east. - in:
Card sent by Tomoko.

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