Monday, November 29, 2021


Getting an official card from India is almost a rarity. The last one was received in 2008 and this is only my 6th official from there.

Photo:Rahul Thachilath
IN-446112, sent by Skanda.
At the end of the Indo-Pak war of 1947, Turtuk came under the control of Pakistan. In 1999, the two countries once again had a major conflict around this area during the Kargil War and Turtuk was recaptured by Indian forces. 
Geographically, Turtuk lies in the Baltistan region and is one among four such villages in India, the other three being Tyakshi, Chalunkha and Thang. 
The residents of Turtuk and its adjoining villages speak Balti language alongside Ladakhi and Urdu.
The village is in the Shyok Valley. It used to be on the Silk Route with regular trade caravans passing by, shepherded by Baltis. 
Turtuk is famous for the availability of different varieties of fruits, especially apricots. 

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