Saturday, February 4, 2023


I've already received a few officials cards this year but this was the 1st that I received and registered in 2023. What a surprise, it isn't from Germany, not from USA and not even from Russia, the top 3 countries when it comes to my received and also sent cards in 2022. This one is from Kazakhstan and it is my first official from this country. 
Last year I've received a total of 123 cards and sent 120. Besides Germany, Russia and USA, I've received cards from 25 other countries and sent to 24 others.

KZ-61515, sent by Anton.
An exquisite blue-domed mosque plated with white marble, Imangali Mosque has been a landmark of downtown Atyrau since its construction in 2001. The central mosque of the city, this elegant white structure with elaborate blue-tile ornaments can accommodate several hundred worshippers. Flanked by two slim 26 m (85 ft) tall minarets, its main 23 m (75 ft) tall dome covers the main hall and features a huge balcony with 600 seats. The central entrance arch is designed with typical Kazakh blue tile decorations, with calligraphy decorating both the exterior and interior.- in:

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