Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Monthly Fav. Surprise RR * April 22

I mentioned before that last year I joined this monthly RR 10 times and only the months of April and July remained incomplete. In April two cards got lost but Marianne and Radana have resent them a few days ago.
Swiss army knife, the Alps, clocks and Grace, who sent me this missing HP card, are all things that I associate with Switzerland.
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Austria has an area of 83.879 km², a population of 8.662.588 and its capital is Vienna.
* World's Largest Emerald - 2860 carats, displayed in the Imperial Tresuary of the Hofburg Palace in Vienna;  
* One of the oldest national flag in the world - since 1191, Duke Leopold V, Third Crusade;
* Schönbrunn Palace - the summer palace of the Habsburgs, has no less than 1440 rooms;
* Vienna's central cemitery - has over 2.5 mil. tombs;
* One of Europe's Great Powers - 1804-1867, Austrian Empire; 1867-1918, Austro-Hungarian Empire;
* Habsburg Monarchy - 1521-1918, motto "Let justice be done, though the world perish."

 Foto: Ivan Rillich
Střekov castle is perched atop a cliff above the river Elbe, near the city of Ústí nad Labem. Built in the 14th century to protect the waterway and collect duties on transported goods, the castle is renowned for its impressive views. It has enchanted a variety of visiting artists, most notably Goethe, Richard Wagner, and Karel Hynek Mácha. - in: https://www.ihbohemia.com
 Damxung, with an average elevation of 4,300 meters, means "The chosen one ranch" in Tibetan. It’s backed by the Mt. Nyainqentanglha, adjacent to Namtso Lake. The glacial snow water from the mountain nourishes 700,000 hectares of pure natural pastures. The semi-wild yaks drink from glaciers and salt lakes, and they feed on rare and Tibetan herbs such as cordyceps, enoki mushrooms, and ginseng fruits. - in: http://eng.tibet.cn

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