Sunday, February 19, 2023

PT RR - Favorite Surprise Group * February 23

 The first 6 cards of this RR in Portuguese are already here. Lets start with January's cards.
Foto: Osvaldo Santos
I visited Vila Nova de Cerveira in June of 2021 and I really enjoyed it. Although small, this town in Minho region has a lot to see, both in terms of buildings and landscape. Castle and forts, manor houses and typical houses, viewpoints and riverside walks. For those who haven't been there yet, Eric and I, highly recommend a visit.

Tiago must be one of the biggest contributors to my elderlies collection and he said that there's even more where this postcard came from.
Foto: João Martins * © 1995 I. P. M. Arquivo Nacional de Fotografia / Edições 19 de Abril
I have already bought and sent this card a few times but I have never kept one for myself. I have it now thanks to Nidia. 
This photo is from a scene from the 1964 film "Fado Corrido". It is a film by Jorge Brum do Canto, based on the short story "Agora: Fado Corrido" from the book "Gaivotas em Terra" by David Mourão-Ferreira. It combines fados by Amália and solos by Carlos Paredes. The story of love, jealousy and fatalities, develops around a love triangle made up of a nobleman, a fado singer, and the boy for whom she leaves the nobleman.

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