Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Vaasa - Finland

As we all know, mail around the world is experiencing disruptions. Some countries suspended a few routes and some others have suspended all their international mail operations. Apparently Finland is not sending mail to Portugal but in the last few days I've got 2 cards from there. This one was sent by Heidi.  

Photo: Markku Wiik
The city of Vaasa is located on the west coast of Finland, and it is called the sunny pearl of the Kvarken archipelago. Vaasa is the sunniest city in Finland based on sunny days per year. Vaasa has over 65,000 inhabitants, and it is today the educational, cultural and tourist centre of Western Finland. Also, a significant share of Finland’s energy technological industry is concentrated to the Vaasa region.
The town of Vaasa was founded in 1606 by Charles IX around the oldest harbour and trading point in Ostrobothnia. In 1852, Vaasa was burnt to the ground, and in 1862 the new Vaasa was built on the Klemetsö headland, 7 km from the old town. - in:

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