Monday, July 25, 2011

Meetings with Andréa

Andréa "andreaeiko" is a brazilian postcrossing who visited Portugal a few days ago and she wanted to meet some of us. I was more than excited about this because she's a dear friend and i really wanted to meet her after swaping some many cards and after so many hours talking on msn.

She had two meetings, the 1st in Lisbon and the 2nd in Porto, where we met. These were specila meetings and we also had to sign cards.

The meeting in Lisbon was in July 9th and she met Paula "geminiscp", Joana "Joaninha", Susana "susanaportugal" and José "pilotOne". Paula sent me this card with the Rossio, the popular name of the Pedro IV Square.

José also sent me a card, this one shows another Lisbon square, the Commerce Square with the Rua Augusta Arch and King José I statue.

Two days after the meeting in Lisbon she met me and Miguel "leugim" in Porto. It was great mini-meeting.

I'm looking foward to meet her again.... maybe in Brazil next time :D

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