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My trip to Poland in 2012 was one of my favorites so far. Of all the places depict on this card, I've been to Jasna Góra, Warsaw and Krakow. I'd love to visit the other places too and many others. 

Despite having undergone so much suffering and destruction during the Second World War, Poland remains a fascinating placesto explore. Magical old towns with their cobbled streets and beautiful architecture sit next to communist-era buildings and delightful Gothic churches. 

Fot: Christian Parma
PL-174838, sent by Martyna.
Almost completely destroyed in the Second World War, Warsaw’s old town has been painstakingly restored to some of its former glory. A mishmash of different architectural styles, Gothic churches, fantastic museums and modern edifices can be found among the drab grey concrete buildings of the communist era.
* Unlike any other city in Poland, Gdansk’s tumultuous history has resulted in a unique identity and look. Due to its large port, wealthy merchants coming here to trade left their mark, while its strategic location meant it was once fought over by Teutonic Prussia and Poland.
Consequently, there are a lot of diverse architectural styles on show, and the post-WWII reconstruction of Gdansk only added to this. A popular destination, its cobbled streets are lined with delightful old churches and elegant buildings, while interesting museums lie side by side with shops, restaurants and cafes.
* Located on the Vistula, Torun is an absolute delight to wander around – its peaceful streets seem a world away from more popular tourist destinations in Poland. A walled city, Torun’s Gothic old town has some fantastic architecture for visitors to view. Unlike many cities in Poland, it thankfully emerged relatively unscathed from WWII. Tucked away amidst its winding streets you’ll find lovely atmospheric bars and restaurants, as well sights and images related to two of Torun’s claims to fame – Nicolaus Copernicus, who was born here, and the famous gingerbread that originated from the city.
* Krakow’s gorgeous Old Town is mesmerizing – delightful churches and old buildings line its picturesque squares. In fact, it has the biggest market square in Europe, in the shape of Rynek Glowny. A popular tourist destination, the former royal capital has lots to see and do, with Wawel Castle being just one of the highlights.
* Buzzing with energy and a youthful feel, Poznan is a fun city to hang out in. The capital of Wielkopolska, its old town has lots of great historical sites to visit, as well as some fantastic museums. - in:
* The Pauline monastery at Jasna Góra in Częstochowa is the foremost centre of religious life in Poland, and one of the best known Marian sanctuaries in Europe and the world. - in:

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