Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Viseu's Misericórdia Church - Portugal

Both these cards depict Misericórdia Church in Viseu. The 1st card was sent by Miguel to wish me an happy birthday and the 2nd by Vitória.


Crowning the Cathedral square - Adro da Sé – is an impressive looking church, Igreja da Misericórdia. It was built in the 16th century by the supervision of Jorge de Ataíde, bishop of Viseu, and was renovated in the 18th century in majestic baroque style which remains to this day.

Inside the church is a splendid 18th century pipe organ and an oil painting of Our Lady Misericórdia (Mercy) by “Pintor Gata”, the 19th century Viseu artist. The Misericórdia museum is also in the same building and has a collection of over 100 objects relating to the centuries of history of one of Portugal’s oldest charity organizations and the people who have made it as it is. - in: https://visitviseu.pt

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